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Welcome to Better Decisions.

Since 2014 I’ve been working with clients to help them make better decisions. Farmers, consultants, tradespeople, white-collar workers, gardeners, livestock farmers, corporate tax specialists, engineers, programmers, edible landscapers, video production specialists… all these folks had a few things in common:

  • they wanted to get their priorities straight, and
  • make better decisions.

Over the course of 6 weeks, you’ll be taken step-by-step through the process of identifying your priorities and building a decision-making tool that will evaluate any decision. Using testing questions you can evaluate if a decision is aligned with your priorities.

At the end of testing a decision, you can be confident that the decision either aligns with how you want to live or life or not.

Decisions can then be reconsidered, dropped, or acted upon with a growing knowledge of what you want your life, relationship or business to look like.

Over the course you will:

  • Determine what a wealthy life means to you;
  • Learn how daily statements of purpose can put you on the track to your ideal quality of life;
  • Inventory not just possessions and financials, but all forms of capital;
  • Question what’s important to you and build filters to exclude decisions, people, and events that aren’t important;
  • Learn how to say no with more confidence, greater ease, and even joyfully to requests you would have begrudgingly said yes to before;
  • Learn how to test decisions for their ability to improve your life; and finally,
  • Put your quality of life above tangible goals and societal pressure, allowing for your goals to support your ideal quality of life vs sacrificing your life for goals you’re not even sure you wanted in the first place.

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If you’re ready to start putting yourself, family, business, or community first, allowing you to make decisions that improve your life, with more ease and joy, then register for the course below.

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What our students say

  • Javan’s course, teaching right livelihood with holistic management, has been one of those rare opportunities to challenge my longstanding belief that I need to sacrifice my happiness in order to be successful. Instead of choosing a goal and letting my lifestyle be fluid around it, I can embrace my ideal lifestyle and my goals become fluid to support it. This is a game changer.

    Many courses I’ve taken are full of lofty ideas and great intentions, but fall short on specifics. Javan’s course provided me with more than a pipe dream; I got a roadmap.

    I have real peace of mind after working with Javan. The knowledge that I’m working toward my ideal lifestyle, and having tools to guide my decisions in the moment, gives me a profound sense of lightness. I’ve found I have more creative energy in my whole life, like I have been unburdened by an anxiety I didn’t know I was carrying.

    Work with Javan if you’re unsure how to have the lifestyle you want, doing what you love, without selling your soul.

    Jeff Maciejko Web Developer

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