If you haven’t designed your life than somebody else, already has.

Think on that for a moment.

If there’s an aspect of your life that you haven’t intentionally designed, then you’ve adopted someone else’s way of how to live.

No two lives are the same.

If you live your life like someone else… it won’t fit.

Like wearing clothes that are too big, or too tight, or too ugly.

Each of us is held back by trying to force our lives into how someone else lives theirs.

Once you accept that this is a truth of life, you have the awareness to start to change for the better.

Consider that change is 10% awareness, 30% understanding and 60% work.

The 10% of awareness is needed for all other change.

Without awareness, nothing else happens.

The next 40% is understanding how to change, the tools, the techniques – the know how.

The last and final 60% is the work of having the rubber meet the road. The sweat taking know-how and putting into practice. To learning and growing with practice. Discovering and exploring how you naturally want to live, according to you, not someone else.

Being an outdoorsman I see it as going for a backcountry hike. There are 4 important areas to know and practice:

Building a map and compass to know where you are, your destination and how to get from A to B when you’re in the thick of the woods.

Knowing your natural gifts, where you excel and the problems you like to work on so you know what routes to take to your destination.

Sound and ethical business principles and techniques to help you physically take every step, the boots on your feet.

And, building a strong mindset to overcome the missteps and rocks of personal obstacles and limiting beliefs.

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